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Liverpool Blessings

Yesterday I took a trip to Liverpool, had a lovely amble along the waterfront and then spent time visiting each of the cathedrals.  I've attended services in each of them, and taken part on the Whit walk along Hope Street a fair few times, but this was the first time to really explore them, and it was a real blessing, as they each hold a real treasure store of architecture, art and spirituality.

The photo is from the Anglican Cathedral and is a stunning wooden sculpture of the crucifixion.  Spending time with it, and reflecting on how we as Jesus' followers continue to inflict wounds upon each other, and, hence, on him was salutary yet also, strangely beautiful.

Below is a poster from the Chapel of Unity in the Metropolitan (Roman Catholic) cathedral that reminds us of the shared central elements of Christianity (even if we may disagree in the mode of Baptism).  It reminded me of the words attributed to various wise people...

In essentials, unity

In non-essentials, liberty

In all things, charity. 

So yes, Liverpool was blessing (or maybe a 'blessun') yesterday.

unity chapel.jpg



  • Magnificent, powerful, moving statue. Fitting it is carved in wood. Reminds of the tradition our Lord worked as a carpenter. Plus, it speaks of the Resurrection in that He looks as if He is preparing to step free of the cross. Amazing symbolism! Imagine a service with that looming above you. Stunning.

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