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This week I spent three days on retreat with staff and students from Vicar School.  It was interesting being in a role that was neither leader nor participant, but more what my Mum would probably have termed 'general factotum'.  I had a brilliant time, learned a lot about general factotuming, and, along with a colleague, have a delightful tale to tell of how we rescued a dog and a man from a cave (in truth neither was in any danger, but both need our help, and it's a great tale!).

Back home, the bites from the Cumbrian midges are at maximum itchiness, and I am totally wabbit, but I am looking forward to doing it all again in a year's time.

The image is a plaque on the wall of the chapel at Rydal Hall, where we stayed.  I like the truth it expresses, perhaps more bluntly than the Psalmist, that wherever we are, and however we are, God is there... and that is good. 

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