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  • Back on Line!

    medium_im_over.2.jpgFinally!  Another £50 for a new gismo to talk to the web and I am back online.  New Norton ordered.  MS Office almost sorted.  Email - thank goodness for webmail.  Moral of the story - don't upgrade your PC.  Still, visiting 'Ice Mango' the cyber cafe in Leicester - picture to the left - was a fascinating experience and they did serve Fairtrade coffee alongside the incessant thumping music (OK, so I'm middle aged and a fuddy duddy).

    At least with my new gismo should I ever get a laptop or second (third or fourth) PC it/they can share the internet connection via a wrieless what-knot - if I can face the hassle of setting it up!

    Had a good final meeting with my NAM mentor after a relaxing week off in North Yorkshire, so feeling quite good about life - until the next PC crisis!!!

    Hey nonny nonny as one of my former colleagues used to say.

  • Technology - Pah! (Updated)

    This is a very quick cost as it costs me 3p per minute to write it in a cyber cafe in Leicester!
    PC upgrade killed my internet connection so need some hardware to fix it (something to do with USB versions) and a new version of Norton since mine does not run under XP. Oh joy! Never had this with paper and pens.

    Anyway, it'll be quiet for a week or so until I get sorted. Plenty of time to do some real work I guess!

    Updated Sunday - a friend and I have spent another five hours playing with this PC!  Linking to their wireless hub hoojagmaflip means we can get to the interent to discover that there is no way of linking my DSL modem to the internet as all the drivers simply do not work.  pah!  Anyway, the little computer shop near Dibley will hopefiully have the necessary to get going again - either that or it's back to carrier pigeon!