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  • The Torch is Coming....

    Just been checking the Olympic Torch route details for Friday/Saturday and they are as follows:

    (source http://london2012.seeglasgow.com/torch-relay/the-route )


    17:48 Argyle Street
    17:54 Byres Road
    17:58 University Avenue
    18:04 Kelvin Way
    18:05 Gibson Street
    18:09 Woodlands Road

    18:49 George Square South
    18:49 Stage Corridor


    07:23 Riverside Approach Road (B808)
    07:26 Stobcross Road
    07:29 Beith Street (B808)
    07:38 Byres Road
    07:47 Queen Margaret Drive
    07:56 Maryhill Road


  • Image and Inscription

    Interesting how sometimes you hear something you've heard a zillion times and something totally new (for you) strikes you.

    Today's PAYG was a recounting of the occasion when Pharisees and Herodians came to Jesus to 'trap him in his words' by asking him about the payment of Roman taxes.  After taking the coin, Jesus asked 'whose image and inscription are these?' before saying 'render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's'.

    Whenever I've heard anyone speak on this, it has been about the obligation to pay our taxes, and sometimes about our equal responsibility to be regular in our 'tithes and offerings'.  For some reason this morning I found myself pondering the currency in which we might 'render unto God', wondering first of all what the Temple coinage looked like, since the making of graven images is clearly prohibited, and what might be the appropriate 'image and inscription'.  Call me slow (you're slow, Catriona) but it struck me very forcibly that there is a hint here about ourselves, our lives, as the currency rendered unto God...  If, as we claim, we bear the image and likeness of God, if, as the psalmist and song-writers say, God's word is written on our hearts, then this is actually about a whole-hearted commitment to God.

    Pay your taxes to the 'secular' authorities; give yourself to God.

    So, not only a difference in 'kind' but a difference in quantity and quality too... the 'Emperor' demands x% in currency 'y'; God demands everything...


    Were the whole realm of nature mine

    That were an offering far too small

    Love so amazing, so divine

    Demands my soul, my life, my all.


    Hmmm.  Challenging.

  • Outward, Visible Signs...

    ... of Inward, Invisible Grace.

    This is how Aquinas defines sacraments.  I have read more sacramental theology than most sacramentalists, and could run rings round the average Roman Catholic on official RC teaching on this subject.  I like to think I am probably one of the better informed ordinance theologians around.  But, as my more sacramental friends know, I am always up for being convinced otherwise.

    Yeserday's sermon included my postulate that love is actually the supreme sacrament -  the ultimate visible sign of invisible grace, and that there must be (as a minimum) a set of nine sacraments on this basis as listed in Galatians 5 - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

    The problem for those who associate 'sacrament' with 'ritual' or more specifically 'ritual correctly performed' is that in one sense all of these nine are invisible - you can't bottle love or procure a slice of gentleness of whatever.  Yet these are the biblically defined outward manifestations of the outworking of grace in the lives of believers wrought by the Holy Spirit.

    I should probably note, that an ordinance theology of Baptism and Communion is not, as some claim, a cavalier or casual one; I view these rites as seriously (if not seriously, in some cases) as my more sacramental friends.  I would not even dispute that God's grace may be experienced in and through them, but I refute any notion of 'special grace' or 'guaranteed grace' ritually achieved, since this is totally contrary to idea of a Spirit that, like wind, 'blows where it will'.  Grace is grace; it has no 'flavours'; it has no ritually defined bounds; it is witnessed in its outworking... the fruit of God's transformative Spirit, and nowhere more clearly than in love.

    Small wonder, then that the great commands are as they are... Love God, love your neighbour, love yourself.

  • Where is This...

    I have been meaning for donkey's ages to photograph this:


    It is in Glasgow somewhere, but your challenge is to tell me where.

    The words say:

    ...divine rhythm, wholly at one with the earth, riding the Heavens with it, as the stones do, and all soon must.


    Extra points if you can find the poem and the poet, with or without Google!


    No prizes except smugness if you are correct!

  • It's a Sign!!!

    020.JPGMandeville, the Paralympic mascot visited Glasgow city centre today, and was posing for pictures with passers by... so here am I with Mandeville.

    My timing for our paralympic linked service is nigh on perfect!