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  • Hymns.... Help!

    OK, so a week on Sunday we are using the BMS Undefeated material.  I am looking for hymns/songs that connect with the threefold theme of disability, justice and inclusion.  I do not want any that refer to healing miracles, since this is not the way the material works (thankfully!).  I have tried searching Hymnquest without success, so I am hoping that some will have some ideas...  "Will You Come and Follow Me" is too hackneyed for this occasion.


    During the service we will also be using other media/methods of "singing" but I don't want to give away all my ideas on here as too many goregous Gatherers read this stuff.

  • Summer Madness!

    I have not, yet, managed to get out of my own front door!  The phone is ringing, the mobile is beeping and emails are pinging.  Once I do get out, I have two meetings today.  And then the madness of June begins... and it makes me SO happy just to be able to do it again!

    June already has...

    Six community events (I will make it to five)

    A funeral (in northern England)

    Two conferences (one in Scotland, one in England)

    A Baptism (for someone in Scotland in southern England!)

    Several meetings

    Two end-of-year noshes

    And a day trip to the seaside with one of our groups


    I'll be needing another holiday at the end of it!

  • Spirit in Motion

    Oooh, I like it when things come together!

    Last Sunday we celebrated Pentecst and it was trully wonderful.

    This week we continue looking at how the Spirit moves... beware sacramentalists I am exploring charisms and spiritual fruit in terms of of an Aquinas style definition of a sacrament (so less about rituals/rites/'special' grace and more characteristics/attitudes/'ordinary' grace).  See, if you understoof sacraments properly (i.e. like wot I do) it'd be fine!

    Next week we are going to use the BMS Undefeated material which links to the paralympics... I know that is a-g-e-s off yet.  But, cue spooky music... the olympic torch passes the end of the road where the Gathering Place islocated not once but twice next week!  It is in the last stretch fFriday, due to pass us just before 6 p.m. and the first stretch of Saturday, due past a little after 7 a.m.

    Truly Spirit in Motion in every sense of the word