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Hymns.... Help!

OK, so a week on Sunday we are using the BMS Undefeated material.  I am looking for hymns/songs that connect with the threefold theme of disability, justice and inclusion.  I do not want any that refer to healing miracles, since this is not the way the material works (thankfully!).  I have tried searching Hymnquest without success, so I am hoping that some will have some ideas...  "Will You Come and Follow Me" is too hackneyed for this occasion.


During the service we will also be using other media/methods of "singing" but I don't want to give away all my ideas on here as too many goregous Gatherers read this stuff.


  • Check out CH4, that has some inspiration hymns form the likes of John Bell.

  • Try CH4, there ae a lot of hymns from John Bell and similar.

  • Beauty for brokenness
    Inspired by love and anger
    The kingdom of God is justice and joy

  • Thank you - and impressed it let you do comments over about ten words!

  • Stewart - I will have another look in CH4
    Pam - I know and like all of those

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