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Long Weekend...

Lots happening this weekend locally and nationally.

Diamond Jubilee celebrations bringing a double Bank Holiday for most people.  I have a hunch that even the most ardent republicans will be enjoying the extra time off from work on full pay.  I think it's perfectly possible to advocate separation of church and state without being agin the monarchy as an institution (and vice versa for that matter).  I reckon, all things considered, the Queen has worked incredibly hard, and I do wonder how many other 80-somethings would be game for, never mind physically able to face, the punishing schedule of parties and celebrations she has ahead of her.  She never had the chance to choose her career, so doubly deserves respect - at least from me anyway.

Lots of other celebrations involving other people I know in various places across the UK.  Significant birthdays, marriages, engagements, completion of exams and so forth.  So lots of people to rejoice with, at least in spirit, since omnipresence is not one of my gifts.

Inevitably there are friends who are struggling or facing sickness, death or bereavement.   As others party the night away, some people will sit and keep vigil over loved ones, others will have to wait for the bank holiday induced delays to farewell loved ones.  Life is always a blend of happy and sad, life and death, ending and beginnings.

Among my readers are people in all of these places. 

For those who celebrate and rejoice, my spirit sings and dances with you.

For those who mourn and worry, my spirit weeps and wonders with you.

Whatever your long weekend brings you, may love and hope suffuse its every moment.

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