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  • IF in Scotland...

    ... If you live in Scotland and want another chance to influence policy as part of the IF campaign, then go here and add your voice.

  • The Sound of Mugdock...

    ...is how someone referred to it yesterday.

    This evening I am off to a sing-a-long Sound of Music event at Mugdock Country Park.

    The question is - to dress up or not to dress up!  Actually, I think I have made that decision.

    sound of music.jpgBased on this poster, the fact that I have a guitar, a stripey beach bag, a white, long sleeved blouse with round collar and a red sleeveless dress (not, it has to be said like the one in the poster) I think I can make a passable attempt at being a poster-style-Maria... which is preferrable to either a nun or a nazi which seem the obvious alternatives...

    I am not planning to show off my petticoat or my legs though!!

    It should be a really fun evening and will raise lots of money for a this project which one of the Gatherers is involved with and leaves soon to spend time in Malawi.

    "♫ ♫ How do you solve a problem like Catriona...♫ ♫ "

  • Late Night Musings...

    Last night as I lay awake in the wee small hours (not an infrequent occurrence) I found myself recalling 'O' level physics with remarkable accuracy and setting myself the exercise of calculating how long it would take to heat the water in the portable baptistery from "flippin' freezin' " to "pleasantly warm"... answer - almost certainly longer than we have available, even if I neglect heat losses to ambient.  Good job, then, that the instructions come with advice to use lots of hot water (once you have got a few inches of cold in and can switch on the heater safely).

    My guess is we have potentially 12-14 hours heating time, which with a baptistery of approximately 3500l will take some heating... At least we will get the chill off, even if we use totally cold fill, and I am planning on getting some hot in there by fair means or foul!!

    Anyway, I leave it as an exercise to the student to calculate how warm you think the water will be on Sunday morning.  Assume specific heat capacity of water is 4200J/kgK, immersion heater is 4.8kW and water starts at approx 6C...

    (I won't make you do the O level maths to calculate the volume of a dodecagon, you can assume it's a cylinder 2m in diameter and 1m deep and round down to allow for it not being totally full of water! Archimedes principle comes in too when you have to allow space for the people!...)


    Things they did not teach you at vicar schoool number.... very large.

    And proof nothing is wasted - never thought O level physics would come in for Baptist ministry!


  • Hmm... :-)

    I saw this today... it made me smile, it made me go 'hmmm' and I like it lots

    peanuts theology.png

  • Building Excitement!

    This afternoon our portable baptistry, or at least the one we have hired, arrived.  I am so excited... like a child in a sweetie shop!  Seven big boxes all waiting to be opened to reveal their contents and everything we need for a fantabulous service.

    So far, I am VERY impressed with the service from BaptistryUK from whom we have hired it... excellent communications by email and phone - they even contacted me this morning because they had been tracking the delivery and were concerned it had not yet left the Glasgow depot.  Opening the boxes to search for the instructions - illustrated, laminated - I discovered a roll of parcel tape and a couple of type-wraps ready for us to re-pack it all for the return journey.

    A fun time will be had - by order! - on Saturday evening getting it all set up ready for Sunday.  And a wonderful service will follow.