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  • The Triumph of Nature

    This morning some workers arrived to make minor repairs to the church roof - but were driven back by nesting seagulls protecting their young. 

    Makes me chuckle that we humans ever have the audacity to think we are in control of anything.  Bit of a nuisance, as the workers have to be re-booked for a few weeks time once chicks have fledged and flown, but it still amuses me.

  • Count Down to Sabbatical - Four

    So today is partly devoted to finsihing the vestry de-junking session (loads of stuff to take to the tip, carpets to hoover, and several bags of stuff to bring home (i.e. to further clutter the house!)) and partly to a raft of smallish admin jobs that need to be cleared before Sunday.  Then the slightly odd task of working out what needs to go to church that normally lives at home, because people will want to borrow it whilst I'm out of circulation...

    Sabbatical diary now almost complete - just need to decide which local Baptist churches I will visit on which Sundays, fix a date to see my folks 'down south', note the two extra little projects that have popped up to assist other ministers with bits of research (both really interesting, one linked to church/mission history and one looking at congregations whose ministers get sick or die). 

    Between now and Sunday I also need to get the last of the travel booked, invoices printed and the resultant mega expense claim in!  There is that 'holiday' feeling now that it will good when it's Monday morning and if it isn't done, it won't get done!

  • Count Down to Sabbatical - Five

    Today is the Coffee Club annual outing to the seaside, and the sun is shining... this is a bonus as last year it poured with rain!  This is a great group of folk who support and encourage one another simply be meeting and chatting over coffee once a week.  It will seem very strange not to meet up with them for a whole three months (though actually for various reasons I've recently missed several weeks) but I know they will continue to meet and minister one to another.

    Betwixt now and then, a bit more admin and chasing up of sabbatical related stuff.

    I am still debating how best to blog though that time... do I carry on here, or do I set up a dedicated blog?  Each has pros and cons, but at the moment I am leaning towards staying here, at least as it's better the devil you know!

  • Days are getting shorter...!


    The view from my living room at midnight 24/25 June (i.e. last night)... the last vestige of sunset still visible on the horizon and the sky not quite dark (no, it's not light pollution).  Past the longest day now, the nights are drawing in (just thought I'd get in ahead of the west coast Eeyores!!)

  • Count Down to Sabbatical - Six

    Last day off on a Tuesday!  When I return to normal patterns in October, my day off will revert to Monday.

    Have to let a plumber in to do an insurance inspection of the water-related stuff on the manse.  Otherwise, planning a pretty lazy day!