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  • Advance Preparation

    At the end of the month I am leading an evening of worship using Taize resources... I have just had a delightful morning choosing, scanning, ordering (i.e. putting in the order I want them) items from four hymnals, a few Bible readings and some Taize prayers.

    It has been quite a tranquil way to spend my time, and in it I think that God has been working gently to bring me peace and joy.

    That's part of the mystery of worship prep, I feel - it is in the labour that we worship, that God speaks, that we encounter the numinous.  This should not be a surprise, if liturgy is the work of the people, then this office-bound preparation time is the worship of the preacher.

    Anyway, it has been good!

  • July already!

    Yikes, half of 2014 has already gone!  Nights are drawing in (especially in the West of Scotland and the English Midlands, where Eeyore reigns supreme), the beech nuts are evidently larger than they should be at this time of year (heralding an early autumn apparently), the first Christmas cards have been spotted in bargain shops (177 days to go it seems)...

    It's a glorious day, blue skies that surely raise the spirits of the most jaded or demoralised person imaginable.  Just a few weeks to the excitement of Glasgow 2014.  Just a couple of months to September's referrendum.  Lots and lots to focus on - and, as ever, it's good to be alive!

  • Meet the Clydes...

    It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a 'special edition' soft toy, and the latest addition is my 'wee' family of Clydes...


    So that's Clyde, Kilted CLyde and Baby Clyde