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  • Medicine :-) (and maybe a little theology too)

    Five years ago, thanks to "Auntie Edith" I discovered that I enjoy jigsaws.  Huge thanks to B&K for this one which I began this morning, with a little feline "assistance".

    And thanks to Rev LHW for a little light theology :-) "Rev" is one of my favourite TV series of all times and speaks so much truth about "manse life" and the challenges of being a minister-type person.

    May have to stabilise my tummy before watching, but looking forward to it greatly!



  • The Practice of Preaching

    Yesterday I found myself suddenly aware just how much of my time and energy (physcial, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) is normally expended on the preparation of services and the facilitation (I hope) of corporate worship.  It is slightly weird not doing this - even though at the moment despite oodles of time, I have insufficient energy of any kind to contemplate anything more demanding than a PAYG "Examen" (thanks be to God for podcasts, MP3 downloads and contemporary Ignatian spirituality I say!) or some '"Godly colouring" (thanks be to my friend Julie who sent this):


    It was as I sat and coloured, that my mind wandered off to all sorts of directions about preaching: myself as a preacher; the purpose of preaching; the task of the preachee (what do you call the person who listens?); what makes a sermon 'good' or bad' or are these categories valid anyway; does style matter and what is helpful in a post modern, digital age.... and so on and so forth. 

    I have a long list in a notebook that I hope to ponder over the next few days and weeks, and perhaps this is a good place to do that pondering.

    In the meantime, I am relishing the opportunity to listen online to the two preachers who are doing my "cover" at the Gathering Place.  Very different from me, but carefully, prayerfully prepared and lovingly delivered explorations of Scripture to which I listen, open to the possibility that God has some teeny tiny nugget to offer me.  Perhaps an idea I've never heard or have long forgotten.  Perhaps something that disturbs my complacent ease.  Perhaps a word or rebuke or a word of encouragement.  Perhaps... well, who knows, that's the mystery and majesty of preaching, God's Holy Spirit is active whether or not we recognise the fact; sometimes the hardest task of peacher or preachee is "to let go, and let God" as the charismatics put it.

    I hope you'll join me in this ramble around the wilderness, pondering stuff around preaching... and if you are able to engage/respond by comments (or emails if you know me in life)  that'd be fab.

    I need a rest now - but later today will hopefully post my first 'brain dump' :-)

  • Update...

    This is a brief-ish update, and is copied from social media, so please forgive tone if it seems odd!

    Thank you for all your love, hugs, prayers, vibes, juju, wishes and general amazingness.
    Surgery went well - major white coat BP was dismissed with a flick of the hand by charge nurse and anaesthetist.  I feel that this was the "right" answer to prayers... not that God magicked my BP into submission, but that the medcis recognised WCH for what it is.  I am working on techniques to address this long term, cos it really is bonkers (though not planning on needing any more surgery, ever!).  I am grateful for my 'tame' anesthetist friend whose pre-op advice was so helpful.

    Discovered I'm alllergic to ocicontin (opiate pain med) which was scary but soon sorted out by amazing medical people.  I am so impressed with the standard of care available in these islands - for sure there are postcode lotteries, but overall it is amazing.  I am blessed wth being "very fit and healthy" (words of the consultant who oversaw my recovery from said allergy, and to have a high pain threshold... in all things, God works... 
    Home on Sunday, ladies of the church caring for me - one stayed over last two nights; they are doing my meals, washing, shopping etc, so am lady of leisure. Managed ten circuits of my kitchen table this morning and summoned up enough energy to get on line for a while.  Very grateful for a friend who is a physio for advice on exercises - no physio offered here, just two booklets that conflict!  Keeps me on mky toes (or not!!)
    Lots of grace and lots of love.  Atheist friends sending me vibes, pagans doing juju, Christians, agnostics in my pockets.... in all thing, ALL things, God works.... and I feel remarkably blessed.
    Apologies for any dodgy or funny typos - not enough energy left to proof this.  Will be back in a few days.