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  • A Complete Time of Nonsense...

    On Sunday evening I had the privilege of going to visit a church in another city in an official capacity to hear a young man preach.  All went well, and I've been able to write what I hope is a positive affirming and encouraging repport.

    This post, which is deliberately mischievous, arises from the fact that during the service we stood for three extended periods of 'sung worship' that were musically unsatisfying, some of them theologically or linguistically iffy (in my view).  I can't stand still for 20 minutes any more, I even have to shift my feet around when I'm preaching, so blocks of 20, 15 and 15 minutes (the service was just under 2 hours long) was too much, and I sat the last one out.

    Depending on the repetoire of songs in your own church you will know which one I am plagiarsing/emulating.  Hopefully you won't take offence, and just maybe you will have a chuckle...


    Standing in a darkened church

    Singing endless worship songs

    Where the tunes all sound the same

    Every Sunday


    Lots of bad theology

    Lots of battle metaphors

    Lots of words I’d love to change

    Power language


    Guitarist has a three chord trick

    Drummer’s in a perspex shed

    Singer shuts their eyes…


    More than once, we must sing it all again

    Then the break, where we find the tune is changed

    It’s annoying,

    It’s annoying!


    Now my hips are getting sore

    So I’ll have to take a seat

    Just like many others do

    Every Sunday


    Yearning for a Taize chant,

    Iona, Wesley, Kaan or Wren…

    Different meters, different moods

    Or world music


    Organists who change the stops

    Choirs in four part harmony

    Congregations singing…


    Praising God, in diverse ways

    Saying sorry, saying please

    Hymns that tell a story…


    Only once, we can then sing something else

    That has links with the theme of the service

    It’s quite easy!

    It’s quite easy!


    Sitting, standing, singing, quiet,

    Crying, laughing, thinking, still,

    Listening, praying, speaking too

    All are worship


    God the Father,

    God the Son,

    God the Holy Spirit…


    Every week you must put up with our songs!

    Every week you receive our clumsy prayers

    Every time you accept our muddled worship

    You are faithful

    And we're grateful…