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  • The Other Side...

    In January 1999 I was interviewed by the college at which I would train for Baptist Ministry.  I still have strong memories of that experience - positive memories - which was stretching, tiring, affirming, encouraging and probably a whole lot more.

    Tomorrow afternoon I set off by train to my old alma mater to sit on the other side of the table... as an interviewer for people who are now where I was back then.

    It's been a very interesting and challenging few days reading the paperwork and preparing for this process... at least the equivalent of two full days, and there will be more reading, reflecting and tweaking on my train journey tomorrow because the overriding sense I have is one of privileged responsibility...  People are making themselves vulnerable as they explore the shape of their calling and I am entrusted with listening, exploring and discerning parts of that.

    So, for the praying types who read this stuff, I'd value prayers for myself for wisdom, gentleness, clarity and discernment...  And for the candidates, peace, confidence, openness, courage, clarity of thought and assurance of God's love.