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  • New Laptop is Here!

    My shiny new laptop has arrived, bang on time as predicted by DHL, and looking very lovely.  I'm doubly pleased, as I need to set off soon for today's training course.

    I have yet to get it set up (this evening's job) but all is looking good for Sunday now... and maybe taking it with me tomorrow to work on the train journey to/from Manchester.

    God is good - even when my theology is terrible!

  • 500 Languages...

    As part of my prep for Sunday, I was searching for a version of the Lord's Prayer in a specific African language (not disclosing which yet, it'd spoil the effect) and came across this book which includes a speically comissioned version in Egyptian hieroglyphs.   It certainly made me smile!

  • Not the Sunday School Version...

    As part of my preparation for Sunday, I'm reading, as fast as my kindle and brain will allow me to, a biography of Scottish misisonary Mary Slessor.  It's a good read (albeit a bit repetitive in places) and reveals a feisty, somewhat short tempered, pioneering woman, very different from the Sunday School storybook with which I began.  Not quite sure how I'll work with it yet, but it's good stuff.  Just another seven biographies to find and read, then!!