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  • Teaspoon Prayers for Grown-ups!

    As a child, I learned about teaspoon prayers, based on the abbreviation tsp... Thank you, Sorry, Please.  I've used the idea countless times over the years.

    Today I wanted something just a little bit more grown up.

    So I thought about how we used teaspoons to measure small amounts of substances that have the potential to transform in a good way...

    To measure sugar, to bring sweetness to food/drink... and God's love to bring sweetness to life

    To measure salt, to draw out the flavour of food... and God's love to bring savour to life

    To measure medicine, to aid healing... and God's healing love

    And we thought about teaspoons as agents of activity, mixing or stirring... and prayed that we be stirred to act in response to our prayers, bringing sweetness, savour and healing to the world around us.


    People were then invited to take home their teaspoons, on which I had written the Biblical text that accompanied the prayers... to be filled to the fullness of the measure of God (or as I expressed it, God's love)

    Click 'read more' to see the words I used...

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  • Welcoming...

    Today a new settee and footstool arrived at my home, needing to be assembled.  Not at a difficult task, but one that really needed two people.  So I was very grateful for the assistance of our link BMS Missionary who was staying overnight after a whistlestop visit to us en route to Nairn. Indeed, I'm sufficuently grateful that I will be making a donation to BMS in lieu of the IKEA build fee!

    As you can see, the kitties love the new settee and are happily making it their own.

    Now I have two settees, which means I can comfortably accommodate more guests at any one time without having to import kitchen chairs.

    This makes me happy, because I want my home to be welcoming, and a place where welcome is extended to many more people in the future.

    At the moment my hall is full of cardboard, so not at its most inviting, but it feels good to have made the changes in the living room.

  • Christian Diversity

    Today, I happened across a link to a website that speaks about the Week of Prayer for Christian Diversity - an unofficial parallel to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, not set up in opposition, but as what, dare I say it, seems a more baptistic understanding of unity in diversity.

    There was a 'badge' you could add to your blog, so I did, because I do!  What about you?