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  • Phase 2 begins...

    For those who are following the 'sertaline withdrawal' journey, today phase 2 begins, with a shift to one 50mg tablet every third day for three weeks (I started from 50mg daily, so a low start dose to wean from).

    The night sweats are currently horrendous - sometimes one every five minutes when I'm awake - the day the flushes are also the most intense they've been for a couple of years.  The sertaline dreams continue to be nightmarish and vivid but knowing the end of this path is in sight certainly helps.

    This journey is teaching me a lot abouy myself and about the challenges so many people live with, and never speak of.

    If the ugly Menopausal Monster shows her ugly face, feel free to tell me - and if you know hormone and herbal free wyas of reducing flushes/sweats I'd love to hear them!

  • Easter 2018

    From Glasgow, from Orkney, from England, from Nigeria - visitors who added the gift of their presence to our gathering this morning.

    From toddlers to nonagenarians and everywhere in between - regular worshippers who came together from the diverse circumstances of their own lives to share together.

    Beautiful choral singing, a guest trumpeter, young women taking part 'up front' either in co-leading commuinion or in serving, some fascinating art works to ponder, and prayers with flowers... dressing the cross, which we then took and displayed outside our own (currently closed) building.

    I really appreciated the willingness of people to engage with the service - which certainly wasn't everyone's natural preference of style - and felt that it had been well received.

    Thanks especially to H for ideas and input, and to B for this photo of the cross in its final position.