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  • I hereby declare the sertraline 'weaning off' done!

    I am the world's greatest rule follower.  I did three weeks of alternate days of sertraline, endured the nausea, nightmares and flushes and all was well.  I've now done nearly two weeks of every third day, and it's getting silly... I am fine when I don't take, it, cheerful, calm, energised, irritated only by things that are irritating... and then when I take it I feel nauseous for 24 hours, sweat like the proverbial porkine creature and don't sleep well... This, to me, says it's time to stop as I'm  now getting adverse effects by continuing the slow wean off.

    Hopefully the Evil Monster Me will not return - but, unless she does, that's me done with the sertraline.

  • Lieu Days and Holidays!

    In my slightly odd calendar, I am taking my Good Friday lieu day today, and tomorrow will be Easter Monday. Thereafter, I am on annual leave until next Tuesday, so expect no posting!

    I am hoping to get some decorating done, and have a trip 'down south' tomorrow but will mostly be chilling!

  • On the road to 'Emmaus'

    As part of the evening service yesterday we were invited to go out in twos for a 20 minitues 'Emmaus Road Walk' to reflect on scriptures from other two other faiths, Hinduim and Buddhism.

    My co-disciple and I opted to walk in the Botanic Gardens where we happened upon a beautifully yarn-bombed bench  - and he took a photo with me stting on it 'looking ponderous'!!

    We jokingly suggested we should create a super-spiritual reflection on how the colours represented the diversity of human experience and how, when woven together they result in a more beautiful whole... but of course with lots of adjectives and superlatives before ending up with the word 'bench'.

    It was an interesting way to spend an evening - in the right sense of the word - and certainly our conversations were valuable as we discussed the allocated texts.  But the real 'Emmaus' moment was the bench - the unexpected moment of joy and beauty, fun and laughter that broke us out of the earnest, repsectful conversation about impossibly demanding texts.

    That the photo is slightly out of focus seems appropriate - a fleeting moment, not full realised, even on reflection.

    Two Revs were walking in the Gardens by evening, discussing among themselves ancient texts of other faiths, when suddenly the God of Surprises did just that...