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  • Nearly on holiday....!

    My holiday was planned way back in January and most of it paid for then. This morning I was all good to go, when I spotted a message from British Airways to say my flight this evening had been cancelled, and I had been offered a 'red eye' flight to a different airport tomorrow morning, which meant frantically cancelling and re-booking transfers... what a faff!  However, hats off to TfL who reactivated my Oyster card within ten minutes, including 'hold' time after pressing assorted buttons.  And Scotrail, via whom I booked my Heathrow Express ticket to collect just a few minutes walk from home!

    The kitties are already on their hols, and it's VERY quiet without their lovely, furry, purry presence.

    This time tomorrow I will be Rome - hurrah!

  • Immeasurable Joy

    We had waited such a long time for this day to come.  We had lived with the challenges of finding a suitable venue, the disappointment of postponement due to severe weather, and now finally it arrived.

    The Baptistery was built for small, skinny Victorians, and whilst all our candidates were reasonably lithe, one was taller than the baptistery is long!  We knew it would be a bit tight; we also knew it would be fine. The water was (thankfully) nice and warm if a bit on the shallow side.

    It was a glorious afternoon, full of faith and love, laughter and tears.   Everyone who could come along, came along.

    Listening to stories of faith, and the real cost of following Jesus from people who had left their homelands, was inspiring and challenging.

    After the service we shared tea, and our friends cut a specially made chocolate cake which bore their names, was decorated with the flags of many nations - their homelands included - and was topped off with a banner proclaiming 'his banner over us is love'...

    cropped cake cutting.jpg

    Sandwiched between a morning service for Trinity Sunday and an evening sevice reflecting on aspects the Lord's Prayer, and with a common theme of community weaving through the entire day, it really was a very wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

  • Here we go again...

    Just finishing off the last bits 'n' bobs of prep for tomorrow's Baptism service... delayed from 4th March due to unprecedented snow fall.  Tomorrow the prediction is for equally unprecedented heat - we will see!

    Seems sort of fitting that Trinity Sunday will have three services...

    Morning - reflections on the Trinity

    Afternoon - baptisms, reflecting on the life of Christ

    Evening - I get to sit back, relax and receive


    Then it's essentially a week of leave (couple of small things to do but day off, Bank holiday and then on Thursday evening I head off to Rome for a few days).


    Really looking forward to tomorrow - and then for some time to myself to process stuff, reflect and relax.  It's been a pretty 'full on' few months.