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  • Sponsorship Link...

    In June, I will be flying through the air for a few seconds, crossing the river Clyde, and raising money for Breast Cancer Care, the support charity with whom I volunteer.  Over the past few years, I estimate that I have offered peer support to around thirty women, some newly diagnosed, some at the end of active treatment, and everywhere in between.  Although I don't cost the charity anything directly, the service is not cheap to run, as there are employed staff, and volunteer training to pay for.  And that is just one small part of the work of this charity.

    I have added a "button" to the top of this blog, which can be used to sponsor me, if you feel that is something you would like to do.  Alternatively (or as well) you could go down to the Clyde on Saturday 16th June and watch me take my courage in both hands, step off the edge and 'zip slide the Clyde'.

  • Feeling Thankful...

    It has been a very busy, and quite challenging/demanding week, full of variety and with lots of moments that were joyful, privileged, grace-filled or all three.

    So, here's a kind of a thank you prayer as it splurges out of my brain onto the computer...


    Thank you God

    For fried-egg butties, and HLT (grilled hallumi, grilled tomato, and lettuce) rolls...

    For mugs of tea and bottles of fizzy water

    For ideas to stretch my mind - which confirm your Spirit's leading in the sermon I'd already written

    For buses and trains - and for people who offer lifts

    For 'cool water' coloured paint that splodges, and needs many layers to cover the kitchen walls

    For the need to re-embroider dates on towels

    For vets and pet insurance, for the NHS in all its forms

    For sunny afternoons when we could sit outside

    For phone calls and emails; for real life encounters

    For admin and study, for reflection and creativity

    For the fact that when I can't sleep you are with me

    For weaving life's challenges into a more beautiful whole

    For life in its fulness, messy, complicated, and charged with joy, privilege and grace.

    For these - and for those I can't even recall -

    Thank you, loving God.

  • Food for Thought...

    I am very much looking forward to listening to this lecture later on today. The speaker has visited our church, along with her family, whilst on holiday in Scotland last year.

    Will report back later on how it went!

  • Editing Embroidery...

    When the heavy snow meant we had to postpone our Baptism service, there were some unusual implications.

    The photo shows one of them - and the flaw in my cunning plan... Unpicking and re-rembroidering isn't practical, so I need to 'cover up'.  When buying the ribbon I failed to note that a letter y' has a tail... oops. The upshot is that I will have to stitch the ribbon over the old date before I can do the tail of the 'y'.

    There's probably a moral in there somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is!!

  • Sasha studies the Scriptures...

    Sasha contemplating a (random) passage from Isaiah!