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Feeling Thankful...

It has been a very busy, and quite challenging/demanding week, full of variety and with lots of moments that were joyful, privileged, grace-filled or all three.

So, here's a kind of a thank you prayer as it splurges out of my brain onto the computer...


Thank you God

For fried-egg butties, and HLT (grilled hallumi, grilled tomato, and lettuce) rolls...

For mugs of tea and bottles of fizzy water

For ideas to stretch my mind - which confirm your Spirit's leading in the sermon I'd already written

For buses and trains - and for people who offer lifts

For 'cool water' coloured paint that splodges, and needs many layers to cover the kitchen walls

For the need to re-embroider dates on towels

For vets and pet insurance, for the NHS in all its forms

For sunny afternoons when we could sit outside

For phone calls and emails; for real life encounters

For admin and study, for reflection and creativity

For the fact that when I can't sleep you are with me

For weaving life's challenges into a more beautiful whole

For life in its fulness, messy, complicated, and charged with joy, privilege and grace.

For these - and for those I can't even recall -

Thank you, loving God.

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