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  • Communal Hymnwriting... the Results

    So my little expermiment yesterday was interesting, attracting some response on two out three platforms I tried.  Many thanks to MC who contributed by comment on this blog.  And yes, the last line really was a comment offered in jest by one  contributor!

    So here, combining them, is what we have...

    As Mary sang her song of praise, so we now sing ours too,

    Deep inside we reach to find the voice that's incarnated, love sublime,

    And sing 'cause I'm grateful for love, for joy, for life!

    To light, sound and story; to celebrate; to lament within the strife,

    For breath and health in this life!

    For you, oh Lord, are our rock, strength and shield.

    You, Lord, are our safe place in the storm;

    The answer to our questions, the directions in our decisiveness.

    Sing praise to you, God, for your love and compassion,

    And for your great faithfulness to us

    Let our song unite with hers and all the faithful voices from the past.

    (And a happy New Year)

  • A Celtic Advent - Day 8

    Today we learn of St Cuthbert who entertained angels unawares, and are invited to consider our own angel encounters, in whatever form they take.

    I was reminded that this time last year we were busy knitting a host of angels to distribute in the neighbourhood, and hearing each others stories of meeting angels - mostly in airports or hospitals!

    Whether in dreams or in life, are we open to the surprise of meeting someone who, it turns out, is an angel?

    The prayer:

    Loving God, creator of angles, thanjk you that you desire to guide us and protect us through angelic encounters.  May we see more of them within our churches.  May we become aware of when you are speaking to us through such a way.  May we live a life believing that the supernatural is woven through the natuirual, and that we may see angels in our dialy life.  Amen.

  • Forty Days of Photos Days 7/8

    Yesterday and today involve a lot of meetings and greetings, and not a lot of time for wandering.  Yesterday I did get my hour's worth of walking but tiotally forgot to take a photo.  Today it will come later, but just in case I forget, a quick view from my living room window, on a cold, frosty morning soon after sunrise.

    You can just see my 'magic' hills and as yet they have no snow.

    I cannot ever imagine tiring of the views from my windows, I am very blessed indeed.

  • A Celtic Advent Experiment...

    I am running this little experiment concurrently on three platforms.  It will interesting to see how it unfolds on each.

    It's a bit of fun (hopefully) and is inspired by today's reflection.

    The idea is simple, I write a first line - which is in this post. The first person to comment writes a second line. The person after that (hope springing eternal) reads both lines and adds a third via a comment.  And so on.

    Of course no-one may wish to play, and that's fine too.

    The first line:

    As Mary sang her song of praise, so we now sing ours too...

  • A Celtic Advent - Day 7

    Today we hear the songs of Elizabeth and Mary, and are reminded that in pretty much every/any people group there is a historical tradition of song, of gatherings in banquet halls or around fires, of bards and makars, minstrels and more. I guess that maybe the British poets laureate and Scotland's makar are in this same tradition of story telling through poetry and song.

    The reflection invites us to contemplate the part that song (and let's add poetry, journalling and other creative expressions) plays in our lives.  What spontaneous or recalled music, song, verse arises from within us to worhsip or honour God?

    The prayer...

    Creator God, who places inspiration for song into the hearts and souls of your people, place in me the song of my heart.  The song you wish me to sing for you, of you, to you. May it well up within me with the sound of heavenly music so that it bursts out of me and comes into being (even if only when no one else is around). Amen.

    And a song...