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  • The New Old Nokia...

    Way back in 2004, I ordered a basic mobile phone, a Nokia, that cost me £10 with a free credit of £10 with T-Mobile. Fifteen years later, it still works fine but the battery (its second) no longer holds charge and it seemed like time to think about a new phone.

    Due to some sort of online glitch back then, I was told the Nokia was no longer available and ordered another slightly fancier phone, with the two arriving together, at which point my practice of 'work' and 'personal' phones was born. A few years ago I replaced my peronal phone with a Nokia Lumia smart phone, which I love.

    There was a delightlful irony, I felt, in using the web bowser on my Nokia Lumia to order the ultra basic Nokia that will (all being well, and the SIM fits) replace my trusty old PAYG, which can, of course, be put in a drawer as the emergency back up phone!! And the new one has a micro-usb charger, so that's a bonus.

  • Looks can be deceptive...

    For reasons too boring to explain, I ended up in a nearby cafe for a late lunch and ordered 'rhubarb crumble and cream'.  When it arrived it self-evidently wasn't rhubarb crumble, but it looked very pretty anyway, so much so that I took a photo of it.  I poured over some cream, dug in my spoon, took a mouthful and .... bleurgh! So salty!  I presevered a few more mouthful before I could take no more.

    The waitress duly took my returned dessert - and my explanation - back to the (new) chef.  It transpired there was a bowl on the pass containing a white crystaline substance he had assumed to be sugar, so he'd liberally sprinkled it over my dessert... It was, of course, salt.

    So I guess there's a sermon in there somewhere, about not assuming, about judging by appearances, about not checking, and even about having the courage to speak out... at least no other customer will be served blackberry and apple with a side of sodium chloride!

    They did bring me a new crumble, and it was delicious (even if still not rhubarb!) so all ended well.