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  • Epiphany

    Epiphany - the revelation to the Gentiles, the visit of the Magi, a new insight or understanding, an 'aha' moment... 6th January, or Christmas Day if you are of an Orthodox tradition.

    Unless you are hanging on until Candlemas (2nd Feb) then today is the day to pack away your decorations, if you haven't already done so.

    Whatever you think about today, I hope that the days ahead bring some smiles and some moments of new or renewed insight.

  • Lent, Holy Week and, erm it's not quite Epiphany yet...

    This afternoon, I have spent a happy half an hour taking at look at what new things have been published for use during Lent and Holy Week.  I am, I think, excited by the titles, and encouraged by the blurb, so I just hope the books live up to them.

    It is one of the those strangenesses of the 'greeting-card' world I inhabit, that you have to keep at least one major festival ahead of the game in your thinking.

    'Hope and the Nearness of God' by Sister Teresa White (Bloomsbury) and 'Forty Women' by Ros Clarke (IVP) will each give me something worth reflecting upon, I am sure. If any readers have suggestions, I'd be interested to hear about them.

    Hopefully, I will be posting here, and not just in church social media.

  • New Year, New Subscription...

    So, once again it's January, and once again I have parted with money in order to keep this blog going.  The last year was a bit rubbish from a blogging perspective - keeping the Church social media presence active took priority (rightly).  But not everyone reads social media  (how wise) and not everything I think about is relevant or appropriate for that platform, so I will try to be more intentional about posting here.

    Today was our first service of the year, our 94th successive Sunday on Zoom (I counted twice!) and it was well attended.  Now left wondering what to do with the Advent candles - I still have the stumps of the previous set too.  I do have a friend who makes candles, so maybe that's a possibility?  What do others do with old candles?