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Alternative Worship Songs (for fun, not for fundies)

It seems this is the season for alternative worship songs to be blogged and for Biblical studies tutors to reveal their true colours (and the lack of hard work certain Baptist colleges south of, well Manchester really, clearly impose upon their students ;o)) with some entertaining and thought provoking stuff - lots of 'lol' as my texting officiandos would say; me, I just had a good giggle!  Should you wish to find them, try looking at http://www.christilling.de/blog/2006/02/winds-of-worship-4.html (also items 1, 2, 3) of basically the same format. 

For a slightly more serious look at exactly this stuff - though still with lots of laughs and some Sean-like 'scripture in song' try the little paperback 'And Now Let's Move into a Time of Nonsense: Why Worship Songs are Failing the Church' by Nick Page, published by Authentic Media in 2004 and available from Amazon secondhand for as little as £3.40 + p&p.

My own modest contribution is a version of 'Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty' altered to remove all vestiges of power langauge and gender specificity, making it suitable for worship in a certain context in a certain (now hopefully past!) era.

Our God is so [ ] so [ ] and so [ ] there's nothing that [ ] cannot do

The mountains are [ ] the rivers are [ ]  the stars are [ ] handiwork too

Our God is so [ ] so [ ] and so [ ] ther'es nothing that [ ] cannot do


Our God is so-so and so there's nothing - that cannot do!

The moutains are, the rivers are, the stars are handy works too but

Our God is so-so and so there's nothing - that really won't do! 

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