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Prayers from the World Church?

This is sort of a request!  If you've read my recent stuff, you know that I am due to lead a service exploring Jesus crossing cultural barriers and I had hoped to find some prayers from the 'world church' (i.e. from sources beyond "white western") and have had no success.  Christian Aid books include a few Christmas/Easter type things; Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and (Women's) World Day of Prayerand such like add a few, but there very few (or none) in general anthologies and denominational worship books.  I am after 'normal' prayers for 'ordinary' days (whether you understand that liturgically or in its general, everday meaning) - praise/adoration/confession/intercession for general use.  Neither Google nor Amazon have been any help but surely there's something out there somewhere?  Can you help?


  • I've got a book called 'A Procession of Prayers.' It's not here at home, and I can't remember publisher or editor, but it's a collection of prayers from all round the world. Mainly short, organised according to the life of Jesus, but with a good index.

  • Thanks Stuart - I've now found it on Amazon (to complicate things there seem to be two separate books of this title but the 'right' one appears to be by John Carden published by both Moorhouse & Continuum in 1998 (and priced from £5 - £12 depending on the version)).

    The other one (by Eric Milner) was published in the 1960's by SPCK.

    Will in due course report on what I make of it!

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