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Just in case...(safety instructions gone mad)

I have just purchased a secondhand data projector in an attempt to edge Dibley a little closer to the 21st century.  I am very happy with my purchase and looking forward to using it in worship (but NOT for bullet point sermons, oh no).

Anyway, I was reading the manual (it's a girl thing) and flicking through the safety instructions when I came across this one: -

"Do not use the projector in a bath or shower - fire or electric shocks can result"

Well, I'm glad to discover that and assume that using it in a Baptistry is also probably not a good idea, though of course not specifically excluded...

Looks like no underwater Powerpoint projections this week then!


  • I recently gave my rotary lawnmower away, and passed on the instruction book. I thought my friend needed to be told not to put his fingers or feet underneath the mower while it is running, and not to strike the flywheel with a hammer, because it might break.

    On the other hand there are warnings that we all ignore. On hot water bottles it says 'Do not use boiling water.' ?

  • At work we have cups that change, when you add hot water.

    When cold, they are plain white, and when hot, they say, in 2 inch high red letters (and an exclamation mark)......

  • At least you know when your coffee's gone cold!

    Seriously, when people buy gadgets do they ever read the instructions before fiddling? I know I don't.

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