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Rumbled! And Enthused.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and humans are bound to fail and depsite my best efforts to disguise the location of Dibley one of my nice deacons has found this site and blown my cover - which means I now have to be even more careful what I say ;-).  Welcome Sue!

Still, today has been a positive one and our Pentecost Party planning meeting left me feeling enthused - at least in its common meaning - about this upcoming event.  Of course we would probably like a bit of theological enthusiasm too, provided it's not so much it scares away the punters.

The planning team is doing a great job and has already booked all sorts of stalls and events - from face painting to flower arranging and from croquet to the police and fire brigade (presumably in case the tongues of fire get too out of hand).  We have calculated and recalculated the number of scones and volume of cream we will need as well as discussing PA equipment, first aid and marshalling.  It was a good meeting and I came away with very little to do - a sure sign that people are taking ownership and making this happen themselves.  It was a good feeling, we are a small church and a smaller team but have grasped a big vision and people are working hard to make it happen.

My main task is to plan the open air service for Pentecost Sunday and although I have a few ideas, it all feels quite vague at present.  I want something that is creative and accessible to any guests who join us whilst still suitably reverent to take place in the grave yard which was once the site of our first and second buildings (the one we closed last summer was evidently our third).  I have ideas about bubbles and kiddies windmills but apart from that, not much as yet.  So enthusiasm, reasonable or otherwise (that's a Wesley pun in case you didn't notice), what I really need is some inspiration - or ideas on postcard!  Watch this space for more news as the events unfold.


  • how about this:


    You blogging software won't let me make it into a link, so you'll have to make do with cut and paste!

  • Hmm, don't tempt me, I might forget the fire extinguisher though...!

    As for blogging software, none of it seems too friendly when it comes to comments - wanted to comment on your video blog and the amusing sight of you going round in circles (relative to your phone) but the link to 'comments' was not playing.

  • bummer, whats up with that then. I'll have a look.

  • I just looked and it worked for me. Were you aot my blog or at youtube.com

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