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Computer Upgrades - whose call?

I am just about to upgrade my PC - no, don't get excited, not a shiny new, or even refurbished, sleek laptop or Mac thingamajig; just a bit of software that will, hopefully, transform my steam driven Windows 98 into XP allowing me to add new software I need for my academic work which will not run under Windows 98.  I got it for just over £60 on Ebay (new, sealed) which is a good price.  Then I thought, hang on, this is for work, not pleasure, so who should pay?

I try not to envy those whose churches supply all their needs (and a few wants it sometimes seems) but am conscious how much time and effort I spend on saving my lot money and/or just providing stuff myself.  I guess if I ever manage to get hold of the tax man (whose phone is always engaged) I could offset against tax - indeed, I suspect, despite the small amount of funeral income, Mr Taxman would end up paying me.  So, is it reasonable to ask the church to pay £30? £10? £50?  Answers on a post card (and big donations to HMF!)


  • Morning.

    PAY?! How odd.

    More and More I use software that is free, genuinely free as in speech and as in beer. Can I ask what software you need that has to run on XP?

    I use Koha to manage my library. Wikindex to manage my bibliographies. Wordpress for my academic diary. OpenOffice for my wordprocessing, desktop publishing. All these are free.

    BTW, ask the church for the money is the advice I would give but not take! But EXPLORE the open source alternatives first.

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