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Defeating the Scanner!

Today I went along to Sainsbury's to buy our 200 8p light bulbs (still the chepaest indiviually boxed ones I've found) for the Cracking Christmas event.  I was relieved that there more than 200 on the shelves so that I could take what I needed without either having to ask for them or denyng some other poor HMF funded minister a light bulb if she/he needed one.

When I got to the checkouts a rather bemused woman said 'gosh, you must have a big house' - giving me an opportunity to explain why I was buying them.  Afterall, only very mad vicars buy 200 lightbulbs at once.  It all became even more fun when the scanner would not allow her to have '200' or '100' of an item.  It would allow 50, so we go there with four lots of fifty bulbs.

Now I'm trying to sort out how to get as many words as we need onto a label that will fit the boxes!  For this I spent four years studying theology!!


  • Things they never taught us at college number 10659 - Christmas campaigns

  • and how to change a light bulb!

  • Andy, surely you KNOW that Baptists do not change anything, especially light bulbs!!!!

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