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Hoaxes, scams and urban legends

I never cease to wonder at the things that get forwarded to me by well meaning folk who believe the AOL can detect messages on the umpteenth forwarding or that car jackers are waiting to leap out and grab handbags from the front seat of every unsuspecting woman who puts hers there while she removes a notice stuck to her windscreen!  DOS (denial of service, not disc operating system) emails are sent purely and simply to slow down the web - and to annoy me!  The use of forwards to everyone in your address book in the 'To:' or 'cc:' line is a great way to give people access to the email addresses they need to spam them too (use 'bcc' if you really must forward them to dozens of folk), and also for mean people to get viruses onto unprotected machines.

Please, please, gentle reader, if you don't already do so, think about checking the next one out on www.hoax-slayer.com (or similar) before you forward it to everyone you know. 

Thank you - now you've read this forward it to exactly zero people and absolutely nothing will happen to you!

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