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Tea and Cakes in Middle England

As noted in my response to a comment on my last post, the interview with the EMBA ministerial development group ended happily.

My friend from D+6 collected me and we set off down the motorway looking like startled rabbits, relieved we'd both thought it wise to wear a suit (at least neither of us would be the only one!), and talking about anything but the impending interviews.

We arrived in Middle England to be greeted by another friend. whose church it was, to be told that all the male candiates (the morning session) had had a 'yes' and that there was really nothing to fear.  We tried to be reassured - largely failing!

The actual interviews were a very affirming experience and we came out wondering why we'd worried - but sure that worrying had been a good thing anyway because this was real, they could have said 'no.'  Thank you, panel, for a positive and encouraging experience.

The interviews over, we headed to a cafe for tea and cakes to celebrate, to compare notes and to unwind a little before heading back up the motorway with reduced blood pressure and smiling faces!  There was a sense of completion, that it was actually good to have faced a final 'check' at the end of the process, that the nervous energy had been usefully expended and that now, though in a sense nothing had changed, we were 'fully fledged.'

Thank you Diane for your companionship not just today but on the journey to this 'place' - and I look forward to finding out what is around the next bend!  Thank you also to those who have shared other parts of the journey so far - without you there would not have been tea and cakes in Middle England.

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