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Bad Theology - Naughty Theologian

Today I saw this sign in the window of a nearby church



Come and Find Jesus

Here in 2007

I know what they mean, I really do, but it isn't what it says.  So where was he last year?  And where will he go next?  Is he hiding in the church or is he there to sign books/photos?  Sorry, I am very naughty.

At its least awful, it reminds me of the orignal 'Spot the Dog' book Where's Spot?  So, where's Jesus?  Well depending on your theology you could come up with a lot of answers but here're a few...


  • Is he in the pulpit?
  • Is he in the baptistry/font?
  • Is he under the communion table/behind the altar?
  • Is he in the flower-ladies' cupboard?
  • Is he in the boiler room?
  • Is he in the vestry?
  • Is he under the pews/chairs?
  • Is he with the hymnbooks/data-projector/OHP slides?
  • Is he in the Bible rack?  No, but you're getting warmer!
  • No! here he is...


  • Is he at the parish church?
  • Is he at tte Baptist church?
  • Is he at the Methodist church
  • Is he at the etc etc church?
  • No!  Here he is at our church


  • Is he in the supermarket?
  • Is he in the pub?
  • Is he dancing in the street?
  • Is he dancing on suspicion's graveyard?
  • No, no, no.  Here he is at 10 a.m. every Sunday.

Naughty theologian, daring to mess with people's posters.

Look out for thunder bolts hitting my PC/desk/head - or yours if having read this far you are adding your own ideas.

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