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Nice Wedding, Shame about the Best Man's Speech!

I think that's how I would sum up yesterday's events.  The service went really well, the church we'd borrowed (along with an Authorised Person) was full and atmosphere was happy and warm.

The two-part reception seemed to owe more to the desires of a younger generation than the happy couple, and since almost all the food was garnished with or contained peppers to, which I have a fairly severe food intolerlance (not technically an allergy as I don't go green and foam at the mouth!), it was great for the waistline.

The bride's son did a super, short, 'father of the bride' speech noting that today he hadn't lost a mother but gained a big brother, something he'd always secretly wanted!  The groom, a man who has a terror of public speaking, did well too, keeping to the point and thanking relevant parties for their contributions.  Then his eldest son did the best man's speech, which began well, with an anecdote about the couple's first 'date' in a grave yard - something that must have been 'dead interesting' and 'dead romantic' and other suitably groan inducing puns - but then rapidly degenerated.

Am I old, or old fashioned, in finding it unnecesary, and unhelpful, for the speech to centre on what might - or might not - be happening in the marital bedroom?  The odd innuendo is fair enough, but when various items were produced and people started to comment on the presence of young children (but not too young too ask in loud voices "what's funny about that" questions) it was clear I was not alone.

Ah well.  Nice wedding, hope it's the start of a good marriage.

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