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Of buses and weddings

You wait ages for one and then two come along at once...

As of buses, so, it seems, of weddings.  In three days I have conducted one wedding and been asked to conduct another two!  The lack of a building it seems is not a total turn off for people and, all things being equal, I will this year, have three weddings in three different buildings.  One will be legally Anglican, which could make for some fun and games with the priest as we negotiate what the law does actually allow - and what it will say on the marriage certificate about the rite used!  The other two are legally 'according to the rites of the Baptists' so only require borrowed rooms and Authorised Persons.

The middle of the three promises to be the most fascinating as it is a Hindu-Christian wedding (church legal bit by Baptist rite, Hindu ceremony to follow), and the dates cannot be fixed without checking the way certain festivals fall this year.  I am privileged and excited about this opportunity and look forward to sharing with the two families in this unique event.  Please pray for both sets of parents as they share in what for them, as devout people of faith, will be a challenging time as they prepare for the event in August/September.

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