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Long Day's Journey

Today I spent around 7 hours on the road and managed to find two of the Little Chef outlets that had been closed on 3rd Janaury when the company was sold after going into administration (did you know this?  I didn't until I checked online tonight).  Whilst it wasn't the most amazing food outlet in creation, it was preferrable to MacDonalds, which I ended up at today and had a singularly foul cup of coffee.  Ah well.

I left home at around 6:30 a.m. and finally managed to park in Manchester (in the second car park I went to) at about 10:10 a.m. before running along Oxford Road (not a pretty sight (the location or my running)) to get to my meeting 15 minutes late.  Thankfully my kindly supervisors were understanding and gave me a cuppa before we got going on 'business.'  Late is not good for my stress levels, I don't 'do' late; it's a good job others are more laid back about it.  The homebound journey was far less horrendous, wasted 'stops' not withstanding.

It was a good, productive meeting, and I came away feeling that I do now have something adequately concrete to work on for the next 5 months.  For anyone who reads this and did the BA with me, I have managed to develop a three circle model for it, so honour is satisified (for those who taught us, one of our student secrets is not secret any more!).

It feels like getting to this point has been quite a long journey - metaphorically as well as literally - but I think that it has been worthwhile, despite the McCoffee and closed down cafes along the way.  Just a small matter of 12k words to  research and write by mid July...

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