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Keyword Searching

Every now and then I look at the 'detailed stats' that this blogging platform provides for me.  Not entirely sure why, but it is always facinating to find out which keyword searches have landed people here.

Those at appear fairly regularly include:

  • 'kairos and chronos time'
  • 'crowd mentality'
  • 'rahab'
  • 'northumbria community'
  • specific lines from hymns/songs and/or song writers' names (especially 'our God is so big, so strong and so mighty' and 'Brian Wren' though not in the same search!)
  • 'funeral' or 'wedding'

This month has seen 'Kez Lama' and 'Sean' with relatively high frequency, so be warned, someone is watching you!

It is pretty rare that I follow a Google search to a blog, and when I type in the search words listed above I never get referred here myself, so I'm not quite sure how it all works (or even if I want to).  I guess it is kind of gratfiying that people do read this stuff when they are looking for things on the web, that is afterall part of the motivation for posting it.  It's just interesting to compare what I might think is the more significant stuff on here with what the world at large thinks.

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