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  • My Portrait!

    medium_littlemissbossy.pngThis is me.  It must be true, I have a statuette of her on my desk given to me as parting gift by one of colleagues back in 1999 (though that was in part an 'in' joke becuase he and I had assigned Mr Men to everybody in our office).

    Today I had an email correctly addressed!

    One of these people was called John, the other was a Celtic equivalent.  Their portrait follows....



  • On Church Buildings

    Just had an alert for the Journal of Religious History March 2007 edition.  This article sounds interesting...


    “This Special Shell”: The Church Building and the Embodiment of Memory

    Religious, congregational, individual, and community memories are embodied in church buildings. Under normal circumstances these memories sit harmoniously together. Once the church building is destined for closure, however, the equilibrium of the memory platforms is disrupted, often causing conflict. The value of associating memory with a building is questioned, especially when such attachments are seen to impede the rationalisation of church assets. Through the process of closure and afterwards, the memory patterns and associations are reorganised, redrawn, and reprioritised. This article examines these memory shifts in the context of Australian religious history from the 1970s to the present day. Special attention is given to the Uniting Church in Australia.

     Will have a read and see what I should have done differently when we closed our building!

  • Would Tigger Eat Rudolph?

    Last night the Girls' Brigade were doing some work for their project on endangered species.  The youngest girls (Explorers, 5-8 years old) were looking at tigers.  As they talked about habitat and diet they were told that tigers eat deer.  One little five year old was horrified - how will Father Christmas get around if the tigers eat his reindeer.  We did explain the reindeer don't live in Asia - and to suppress our laughter.  At least she was listening.

    Still it made we wonder, if he had the opportuity, would Tigger eat Rudolph?  Or is the land of make believe one where already the lion and the lamb lie side by side and a little child shall lead them?