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Little Miss Bossy Writes a Story

Now this could land me in seriously deep water with copyright law, to say nothing of the more serious matter of offending Mr Clever and Little Miss Brainy...

Last night Little Miss Bossy (LMB) wrote a story in the syle of (well, -ish) the Mr Men which can be found here (sorry I don't have the necessary to turn it into a PDF.  Had to copy it to Word from Publisher because it seems the latter gets srambled in translation, hence pagination is not quite right if you print it off).  'Mr Clever and The Mysterious Transfiguration' may sound more Potteresque, but it is definitely not in the style of Rowling.  LMB is not renowned for her skills in writing fiction but now and then Mr Mischief sneaks into her brain and this is the result.  Btw, if anyone can find me a better picture for the last page to replace the cobbled together one based on a book cover, I'd be grateful.

 Still in preparation - 'Little Miss Bossy and the DPT Literature Review' - no pre-orders being taken.


  • Little Miss Bossy, you have too much free time!!
    However, you have made me laugh, and confirmed that blogging is a worthwhile activity.
    I suspect that Mr Clever's male pride is now injured and that he is justifiably suspicious of Little Misses/Mrs.

  • To turn anything into a .pdf you go to file + print and you should an option that allows you to turn a .doc into .pdf.

  • Hello Mrs Nosey - oh dear, I hope Mr Clever is not too wounded. If so, Mr C, my heartfelt apologies.

    Andy - thanks. I always knew that blogging was useful for learning new things!

    Loud bossings,

  • I never thought of checkin the comments bfore I sent the e.mail.

    I knew that Microsoft would have to catch up with the folks at openoffice.org sometime.

  • Download Cutepdf from www.cutepdf.com (it's free), it installs a 'printer' in your printer and faxes. When you select this printer it converts your document into a pdf file and asks where you want to save it.

  • Thank you Mr Freesoftware and Mr Rob Howarth. Now I have learned lots and lots of useful things about doing PDF files - so I'll have to give it a go soon. Not sure my version of Office does what Andy suggests - but maybe I just an too dense to suss it out. So will have to look for one of the nice freebie PDF thingamajigs intead.

    Must go, have to boss around some girls on a GB training day. (Is that why LMB is blue and wears a hat?!!!)

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