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Normality Returns

A good time in the North West - then back home to the usual batch of gloomy emails!  Still, the good stuff first.

Mary & Martha were amazing well received.  Towards the back of the church sat a small group of black women who kept making 'mmm hmm, ay-men-sister, preach it' type comments.  I assumed they must be penties - no they were Roman Catholics!  Great fun, superb tea and incredibly generous financial gift.

DPT presentations went well - all were interesting to listen to and came in a variety of styles from one who read part of a paper to us, through to one who began with with asking us to do a little activity, via variations on 'chalk and talk' with PowerPoint.  I think that almost everyone was equally afraid of looking dim and it was certainly a very encouraging environment in which to share our work.  Great start by Kez on discipleship, complete with whizzy PowerPoint, fluttering angels and top content, then talks on such diverses topics as pastoral care, spiritual nuture, and church health.  Unlike Strictly Come Dancing and the like, there was no 'bad judge' to shoot people down in flames.  Lots of work still to do, and the bizarre concept that I am allowed to send a draft of my essay for comment before I formally submit it, but a good experience (if a tiring one).

Good to see friends and catch up on life in Warrington.  Managed a barbecue with folk who claim it always rains when they plan one, so they whisper the word, rather than speak it.  Tried to put the world to rights but ran out of time.  Enjoyed sharing worship with my 'old' fellowship, and found plenty to reflect upon in the process - not sure I like being compared to a chip in a piece of MDF though!

Came home to a big pile of emails telling what is wrong with the world and what I need to find solutions to, along with another mega pastoral crisis, so normality is back with a vengeance.

Anyway, to those loyal readers who I saw this weekend - it was great to see you all and catch up on some news.  Some of you I'll see soon at Baptist Assembly (hint hint: loud shouts and cheers in minister presentation bit desired as no one from here going), so maybe can catch up more then?  Any 2002/2003ish NBC students and/or 2007/2008ish NAMs fancy meeting for coffee? 

In the meantime, I'll just have to get back to doing everything in my small church!!!  (Pace Richard, Anglican DPT student who just knows way too many theologians, way too much about way too many things and is still an OK kind of a guy).


  • Very gracious comments, thank you. It was very good to see you over these last few days, sorry reality has bitten hard on your return. As always was inspired and slightly awed by your work output and quality. Keep being you.

  • Perhaps we just need a mutual 'awe and wonder' society?! Probably amuses our mutual friends.

    Normality has now reached two mega pastoral crises in 24 hours and four in a fortnight. Not sure what that does for the supertstitious folk of NW Leicestershire... I'm sure they'd say something about threes.... ah well, it keeps me from mischief.

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