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Back-Handed Compliments!

Just spoke to someone from church and asked how yesterday's service went.

"It was just an old fashioned service.  Some of your services are a bit strange, but having an old fashioned service seemed rather boring."

I think that's a compliment! 

I'm also mildy bemused because liturgically (in its proper meaning) you don't get much more traditional than my services.  Ah well, strange it is then.

It's a funny thing you can't get used to, as my mother would say.


  • I'd take strange over old-fashioned any day of the week, including Sunday!

    Due to our current church circumstances, we are regularly having services where we experience a return to the good old 1980s - at least in the choice of music (you know who I mean, don't you?.....). There's very little to be said for it.

    Celebrate your strangeness, that's what I say. It's what makes you you!

  • Tee hee, yes I do know who you mean. 1980's - that's very modern by local standards, now 1880's...!

    The Sunday after next is a 'favourite hymns' service and I have the delight of someone choosing Dibley's own C19 hymnwriter (aaargh) because 'we haven't sung this for a long time'. Hmm, I wonder why? Theological ineptitude taken to extreme I'd say... 'hearts all on fire and feeling strong and voices melting in our song....' Bring back kum-ba-yah I say!!

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