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"Favourite Hymns" Service

Sunday 17th June is one of my 'let the peeple choose the hymns' Sundays.  Secretly, I relish the challenge of making a coherent act of worship from the things people pick.  This time it's a bit diffenret - D+1 and D are together; intriguingly, and perhaps because it's only a couple of month's since D last had the opportunity for this, most of the choices are from D+1.  As expected (and I'm almost ready to say, 'come back These are The Days, most is forgiven' but only almost) Dibley's own 'glowing spirits' hymn has been picked.  Ah well.

So, what hymns await us...

  • Tis sweet, O Lord, to sing Thy praise til all our spirits glow 
  • My God, I thank Thee, who hast made the earth so bright
  • Dear Lord and Father of us all ('mankind' in original)
  • How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord
  • Blessed Assurance
  • I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus
  • Let me have my way among you, do not strive
  • Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah

I've had to pick a couple of other things to begin and end the service (as Guide Me, which is a great 'ender' is being used for Communion) and fitting in a 'thought for the day' will be 'interesting' but overall, even if not all would necessarily be my choice, the hymns are, 'melting hearts' excepted, pretty good.  What's mildly amusing, and probably a bit of a shame (with the obvious exception: have you worked out I can't stand this song yet?!) is that a good proportion of English Baptists aged under 40 won't know any of them! 


  • And I'm pretty sure I could work out who's chosen at least some of them! 'My God I thank thee' is probably the choice of a female stalwart living in sheltered accommodation near Dibley +2. The song you can't stand is the choice of one of the younger members who regularly champions the use of new music (of the 1970s!) and causes nervous apprehension in the Church Secretary about the controversy that may be caused by using the orange book in the evening service.

    The fact that you haven't got 'From every stormy wind that blows' and 'Take time to be holy' gives me an inkling of who isn't going to be with you.

    P.S. I've probably got all of that wrong!

  • Hello Mystery Shopper,

    The one I really cannot abide 'Tis sweet O Lord...' melting hearts and glowing spirits, came from Dibley (think name of street, Victorian farmer as tune writer)

    'My God I thank thee' - spot on!

    'Do not strive' was the choice of a Mr 'Street Name' 'bread maker' but who is, I understand, the stalwart of the orange book. Is he younger?

    Ah, the joy of anonymising! Revd Dr Berry would be proud of us!!!

  • Some over 40's Baptists have privately contacted me to say they don't know these hymns! If they'd like to educate themselves - not always with the UK tunes, granted - they could try cyberhymnal.org which has a lot of them (but not H.D's "delightful" melting voices: that is nowhere except Dibley). Have fun!!!

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