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Highs and not so highs

Literally high of course, flying to Prague and back, but also a good experience in many ways.  It was good to meet some new people and to listen to some good (and maybe even the not so good) papers.  I guess it was good to decide mine wasn't the worst!  In fact, I am still in a fairly high level of bemusement at the warmth with which it seems to have been received.  One way or another, it is pretty likely it'll end up in print somewhere (three possibilities were mooted by different people) plus I've been asked to contribute a 500 word definition of 'practical theology' for another publication.  Very bemusing, but in a good way!

The morning prayer session I led went remarkably well and the way people read the psalm and sang the hymn were AMAZING! If responsive psalms could always be like that I'd use them all the time. Quite a few people thanked me for the copies of the icon I supplied, and my prayer even got mentioned by one of the speakers!!

So I flew home if not on a high, certainly well content and enjoying the experience of being in such a positive atmosphere.

The reality - a short flight delay meant I was an hour or so late arrving at East Midlands.  When I got home there was a letter giving the outcome of the sealed bids on our building, and it doesn't look too good (can't post details but you can interpolate between the lines).  Switching on the computer to pass on this information to those who needed it reminded me that the rarified conference atmosphere was not reality, or not the bigger reality anyway (it was obviously real enough while it lasted).  A very short night's sleep, a long drive, a guest preach, and a lot to think about...

I think that's where things are up to in my world.  When I'm a little less shattered, I will probably post some more thoughts in the conference, which was a good thing (so thanks Sean for 'making' me offer my paper).


  • Catriona
    I am so glad that things went well for you and look forward to hearing more details in due course. FYI 'things are well' for me as well. I'll be in touch when I get back from Prague.

  • Sounds good (not that I had any doubts).

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