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Scary Woman?!

When I met one of my DPT supervisors for the first time, he told me he was just about to leave the university for a new career - had my reputation gone ahead of me?  In two years I've seen him twice, and although he continues to contribute very helpful comments on my written work, it isn't quite what I'd envisaged supervision to be.

Now, it seems I've scared off the other one who is getting as far away from me as possible by moving to Australia (see here).  Guess he's a bit tougher, it's taken almost nine years to do this!  I am delighted for Sean and his family that they have this, well deserved, opportunity, but a tad miffed at having to look for (yet) another supervisor.

More seriously, congratulations Sean, and every blessing as you take your considerable teaching skills to a new context.


  • With the next one ensure they are not world class quality and get them to agree to a conract, signed in blood, that they will not abandon you!

    I am pleased for Sean but gutted for the UK- he will be sorely missed. Glad you got him for the conference!

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