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Remarkably Easy!

Tonight we had the planning meeting for our Christmas carol outreach service - I know it is incredibly early, but anything organised by committee takes some doing.  We managed to get representatives from two out of three traditions - the usual culprits (M & B but no A) - and had some fun picking carols and thinking how to fill the slots between them (apart from lots of Bible readings which we use each year).  Our theme, stolen from Spurgeon's Childcare, is 'sing like an angel' and we are intending to give everyone an angel themed gift to take away with them as a reminder of the messengers and the message (clever, huh).  This may yet mean making 200 paper angels, but IKEA, Ebay, Poundland and the like will be scoured first.  In between carols and Bible readings will be two sketches, a reflection by Hilary Faith Jones and something from Gervaise Finn, as well as a '5 minute message' by the Methodist minister who is on a three line whip to stay on theme, on time, and in comprehensible English!

So, what will we be singing like angels?

Good Christians all, rejoice (as per BPW)

Angels from the realms of glory

Hark, the herald angels sing

While shepherds watched their flocks

See him lying in a bed of straw

It came upon a midnight clear

Christmas is a time to love (this one to be taught to us as part of the service)

Joy to the world


There are a couple I wouldn't have picked, and a couple I'm really glad we didn't pick, but it nakes for a good, rousing sing and lots of mentions of angels!

All planning done and everyone gone in time for me to watch 'Silent Witness' - fantastic!


  • This year I decided I was going to plan early for Christmas instead of making it all up myself as Advent progressed.

    So I called a meeting at the manse on Wednesday night with mince pies, stollen and assorted mulled liquids (non-alcoholic and otherwise).

    Nobody came.

    Does this mean we don't do Christmas this year? Or do I make it up myself again? Or do I reflect again on the dynamics of church life and find a different way of involving more people in what we do together this year?

    At least we had an unscheduled family evening off, listening to unseasonal Christmas carols and our daughter learned to love mulled orange juice!

  • I have a good, very quick and easy, paper angel pattern - shall I email you details?

  • Andy - what can I say? I am SO sorry and feel that they don't deserve you. I'd be mighty miffed it was me in your shoes (as I was at a recent prayer meeting, so I haven't arranged one since, and no one is complaining...)

    Angela - yes please! if it doesn't come in this time it undoubtedly will in the future.

  • Please can I have the pattern too!

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