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Laugh or Cry?

Today I was visiting my mother and as we were catching up on news, I said, 'we had a Baptism at church last week.'

Her reply?  'That's nice, what was the baby's name?'

I despair!  Still, it made me laugh, which is no bad thing.


  • S work colleague once told me "I am going to a baptism at St Michaelson Sunday.My daughters schoolfriend. She is 14"
    I asked "Is it a christening or total immersion?" and her astonished response was "What, they might put her WHOLE HEAD under the water?"
    She was even more amazed when I explained I meant WHOLE BODY!!

  • Which of course reminds me of the joke about the discussion between a Baptist minister and a minister of a paedo-baptising tradition about the import of getting the top of the head wet...

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