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Minister as Crimebuster?

For those still counting, I have just learned another a skill they don't teach at college - catching criminals in the act in the redundant church nextdoor!  Finally!  After months of mindless vandalism they got too cocky and sauntered down the side of my house whilst I was in my office working, with the stupidity to bounce a football high enough for me to see from the window.  Assuming younger children enticed by scaffolding to explore I walked round just in time to hear the sound of smashing glass.  A three nines call and ten minutes later three teenagers were apprehended by the long arm of the law and admitted criminal damage.

Now I certainly don't want to throw the book at them and we do, after all preach a gospel of forgiveness, but I kind of hope they've been rattled enough not to do it again.  Sentence - hmm, twenty sessions of Micky Slimeball evangelism should do it I think!  Well that or, more constructively perhaps, come one Sunday and apologise to all my old folks for disrespecting their memories.

Secretly, I'm pleased we caught them before they injured themselves and while they are young enough to learn better ways.


  • Skinny Faircop Latte it is then.

  • Don't have nightmares...

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