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A Good Demise...

Today I recieved a letter from Joppa, the Baptist interfaith network (see sidebar for link under Baptist stuff) informing of its intended demise - it's work is now complete, it's prophetic challenge has been heard and interfaith issues are entering the mainstream (small 'm') of Baptist thinking.  This is definitely a good demise.  But as a network it will contiue in a new form - free, gratis and for nothing via its website which will pass on news and information and act as a medium for hsaring questions, struggles and joys.  Take a look and maybe even sign-up it's a good, Baptist thing to do and it won't compromise your beliefs!!


  • I just tried joining the network by following the membership link from their website.

    The email wouldn't send.

    Have you got up to date contact details for signing up?

  • Hi Andy. It is joppa.webmaster@ntlworld.com it seemed to work when I tried it

  • JOPPA still intends to have a prophetic role at least until the BU Taskgroup gets going and we see what it does ( I will be part of it so if anyone wants an ear to bend then mine is available!)
    Any problems with the web site let me know and I will contact the webmaster.

  • Does anyone know what relationship there is between Joppa and the Mission Dept's day in Loughborough on 25 March 'enabling churches to become distinctively Christian in a multi-faith community'.

    Sadly I can't spare the time to be there, but am interested to know what emerges.

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