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Musical Choices

Last night I met with my Barbadian church member and his nephew (who has the most amazing Lenny Henry laugh) to plan the funeral for their brother/father.  I was interested to see what might be chosen by way of music since whilst David* is very British in his hymnody there will be relatives flying in from Barbados.  They want a British style service (rats! I could have enjoyed a good West Indian funeral) but there are just a few hints of something special.  One of the hymns chosen is 'Shall We Gather at the River' which I know but have never sung which feels really authentic.  The almost kairos moment though was when we were choosing in/out music for the crem.  After opting for 'organ music' on the way in  David and I simultaneously had the same thought for 'out' music - the test match special theme tune which has a wonderful Caribbean feel to it and is really uplifting.  In a bizarre way I'm looking forward to walking out of the 'worstest' crem on my patch to something so bouncy!

Apologies, it'll be rattling round all your heads all day now - but why should I be alone?  If you want to hear it just type it into Google and lots of versions will appear.


* Name changed

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