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As Good as a Rest?

The next few days will bring a break from routine - and a couple of days are technically 'off' but a bit of a bus drivers holiday if truth be told.

gb4warr.jpgThis photo is almost ten years ago - which is decidedly scary!  It was taken at the last GB Camp (though they're now called residentials apparently) that I led in 1999 when we went to Scarborough.  Don't you just love the traffic warden outfit!

I have been looking back at various GB photos because this weekend I will be in Northampton for the 75th anniversary of the company my sister and I belonged to as girls.  Both of us trained as leaders but whilst she escaped I seem to be a lifer having now done all but 28 years as an adult leader (various ranks at various times, including the now defunct 'Commandant' which used to raise titters among my work colleagues for same strange reason!!) and still going strong.

So, after the EMBA Association half-day on Saturday, I will driving south for a social-evening gathering of 'old girls' where I hope to meet up with various retired leaders as well as my peers.  I'm led to believe one or two drop by here occasionally, so maybe I'll see you there?

Sunday afternoon is a special thanksgiving service and parade - meeting outside the house where we used to live and marching behind the BB band to the church.  All very nostalgic!  And judging from the church's website nothing much has changed physically in the chapel since I left there in 1981 to go to university, though the list of services and activities is VERY different.  I have the privilege of reading in the service and it will be a happy honour, remembering an important stage in my own faith story and why I still remain committed to this organisation so many years later.

After that, Monday is the EMBA's quiet day for ministers led by BU president Revd Dr John Weaver.  I will be travelling with a good friend (of ten years) from nearby D+6 where she is a specialist minister for older people.  I am looking forward to a good chat there and back, some space to be still and receive, and some renwed energy for the next relentless round of services and pastoral needs.

I'm not sure it exactly counts as a rest, but it will be a change and I am looking forward to it.

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