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Lirtugical Calendars with Littlies

Last night at Girls' Brigade we started to move towards Easter with a fun evening of different activities which the girls moved around until they'd all done all of them.  So we had a table of puzzles and word searches, a table with colouring, a table of craft with funky foam and a table of cutting out.  All things our girls enjoy.  But before we began we talked through the tag end of Lent to see if we could work out the calendar of Sundays and other special days between us.  Quite entertaining really.

So I asked what last Sunday was and then what next Sunday is.  Up went the hands 'Easter Sunday' (good try but not yet) 'Palm Sunday (closer but still not yet) 'Father's day' (unfortunately that one isn't for ages yet, it's in June)... It begins with a 'P'... 'It is Palm Sunday then!'  (honestly it's not).  So I explained that it was called Passion Sunday (unless you're a Catholic, which some of our girls are, who call Palm Sunday, Passion Sunday...) the day when Jesus began his last journey towards Jerusalem.

Then we moved on to Palm Sunday.  What happened then?  Another flurry of hands and those frustrating waves and squeaks that mean 'me, me ask me' (which like all mean adults I ignore).  'It was a day when Jesus walked into Jerusalem with a donkey and all the women put their coats on the ground and the children had those, um, like branches, yeah, branches' (excellent answer, well done).  Wave, wave, squeak: 'no it weren't.  He, like sent two of them to get a donkey what had never been rode before and all the people shouted and waved branches' (yes, very good, that's mostly what "Jane" said isn't it, so you're both right really).

Now, what other special days come before Easter Sunday?  There's one that begins with 'M'... Mau.... 'Monday?'  It does sound a bit like Monday doesn't it.  Maundy Thursday.  So we talked about the Queen and Maundy money and rich/powerful people serving poor/powerless people because Jesus has washed his friends' feet and told them to do the same sort of thing.

After Thursday comes... 'Good Friday' and we mentioned the cross and that sadness - thankfully no one asked why it was called 'Good'

Then comes 'Easter Sunday?'  (no, not quite, there's a day in between) ... Saturday?  What happened on Saturday?  Puzzled looks.  A waiting day - some people call it Holy Saturday some say Easter Saturday but it's a day we have to wait between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

So what comes next?  Every hand goes up, eager faces longing to answer... 'Jesus comed alive again' (is that right?  All round the table are earnest nods)  A few hands remain up 'and we get Easter eggs,' 'and I eat one bite a day of mine,' 'and I get ten Easter eggs,' 'and I get ten hundred' (yes, it's a happy day isn't it and so good to celebrate).

Will they remember any of what we said?  Who knows.  Did I have fun?  Yes.  I love the awful grammar and muddled tenses (though often highly logical) of small children.  I love the 'Jesus comed alive again' response, as if this was the most natural thing in the world for him to do.  And I even don't mind the elision of Easter and chocolate if it means they see it as a day of celebration.  I of course will buy myself one Fairtrade Easter egg which will do well to survive much past lunch time on Easter Sunday, and look forward to being surprised again by what this season brings.

Now - time to check on the soup for my Lent prayers, average age about 80, and a different kind of fun and fellowship...


  • Where do you get the 80 year old soup from? Did it turn up in one of the church cupboards?

    Wonderful reconstruction. Joyce Grenfell would have been proud of you.

  • Well, you've heard of thousand year old eggs presumably... This cauldron of soup has been bubbling for eighty years and if it was good enough for my grandparents, it's good enough for me... well that's what they tell me anyway!

  • So what hatches out of thousand year old eggs?

  • Anglo-Saxon chickens maybe?

  • Why did the Anglo-Saxon chicken cross the road?

  • Well Andy, I really shouldn't rise to the bait but....

    I don't know, why did the Anglo-Saxon chicken cross the road?

  • Because Anglo-Saxon dinosaurs hadn't been invented yet...

    ...or something like that.

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