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Out of the mouths of babes...

Tonight at GB we began a local knowledge project, led by someone who is a history teacher so it has a good slant towards local history.  As part of the warm up exercise I asked the girls where we live.  One six year old immediately put her hand up - unusual, she usually is a bit reluctant to answer - 'in God's hands' she exclaimed.  That was unexpected!  So, having got the theological answer we then worked our way down via earth/world (they reckoned there was a distinction, earth being bigger than world) to UK, to England, to 'Carbonton', to the exact locale of the church.

We had a good time thinking about the raison d'etre of 'Carbonton' and who was the Mr Stephenson who is responsible for its rocket-like growth, as well as identifying the things in the town including a toy shop, police cars, trees, dogs, people and lamp posts!

This is why I love working with my girlies - and if nought else they are beginning to think theologically!!

PS When we explored the linguistic origins of the word 'ville', which is the non-fiction ending of the town's name, at least three girls were adamant it was Scottish and one that it was Australian!

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